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Histopathological study
Histopathological examination mainly refers to the standardized histopathological section made from the diseased tissue obtained by surgery, endoscopic forceps, or fine needle puncture through a series of tissue treatments such as material extraction, fixation, dehydration, transparency, and waxing, embedding, sectioning, staining, etc., which is observed under the microscope and given a clear pathological diagnosis according to the changes in its tissue structure and morphology, So as to guide clinicians to make targeted treatment according to the results of pathological examination. Histopathological examination is widely used in clinical practice and can be qualitative. It is a gold diagnostic and gold standard, especially for the examination of tumors, which can judge the prognosis and guide clinical treatment.
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With complete pathology research equipment and rich pathology research experience, it can provide pathological research and pathological diagnosis services that meet the requirements of GLP and other national laws and regulations, including experimental pathology research such as teaching, scientific research, drug discovery, conventional safety evaluation and animal model establishment. In addition to conventional HE dyeing, special dyeing can also be carried out, such as Masson three-color dyeing, Movat five-color dyeing, etc. At the same time, immunohistochemistry can also be used for qualitative and semi-quantitative analysis
Routine toxicological safety evaluation, efficacy evaluation, teaching and scientific research exploratory research, including large animals (dogs, monkeys, rabbits, pigs), small animals (rats, mice, guinea pigs) pathological anatomy, pathological observation, paraffin embedding, section, HE staining, special staining (including Masson's connective tissue triad staining, PAS staining, Congo red staining, toluidine blue staining, alizarin red S, Giemsa staining, etc.), immunohistochemistry, pathological film reading Issue pathological report and pathological peer review.