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Customization of reference materials
IPHASE relies on advanced analytical and testing instruments and equipment to carry out the development of reference materials, entrusted processing and customized services. In the last three years, the production of reference materials has exceeded 50000 bottles. IPHASE will provide customized services and meet the production volume according to the needs of customers and the market. The comprehensive and high-quality equipment and services of analysis and detection instruments can provide better technical support and guarantee for the research and development of quality control products and reference materials. Relying on its rich experience in the development and production of quality control products and advanced technical means in the field of biological sample analysis, Huizhi Pharmaceutical has developed and produced bovine blood lead (complex type) reference materials. After years of accumulated experience, we have started to develop new types of reference materials. The R&D process shall be carried out in strict accordance with the standards, strictly controlled in accordance with the company's SOP regulations, and the fixed value shall be accurately determined. The R&D production process and the fixed value results shall be subject to the double-person review and QA review mechanism to ensure that the fixed value is accurate and the product is qualified.