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Safety Evaluation
General toxicological studies
IPHASE is committed to providing professional toxicological research services for the registration of drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, disinfection products and pesticides. According to the needs of customers, we can design or customize a standard experimental scheme, with rodents such as rats, mice and guinea pigs as well as non-rodents such as rabbits, dogs and monkeys as the experimental system, and use different ways of administration (oral, dermal and inhalation) to carry out GLP compliance safety evaluation of single exposure and reverse exposure, and provide evaluation reports in both Chinese and English.
General Toxicology
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Histopathological study
Routine toxicological safety evaluation, efficacy evaluation, teaching and scientific research exploratory research, including large animals (dogs, monkeys, rabbits, pigs), small animals (rats, mice, guinea pigs) pathological anatomy, pathological observation, paraffin embedding, section, HE staining, special staining (including Masson's connective tissue triad staining, PAS staining, Congo red staining, toluidine blue staining, alizarin red S, Giemsa staining, etc.), immunohistochemistry, pathological film reading Issue pathological report and pathological peer review.
Clinicopathological study
Gene analysis of bone marrow smears with blood routine, biochemical, electrolyte and urine parameters