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New chemicals
IPHASE is committed to providing professional toxicology research services for the registration of new chemical substances. Rodents such as rats, mice and guinea pigs and non-rodent animals such as rabbits, dogs and monkeys can be used as experimental systems. Different routes of administration (oral, transdermal, inhalation), single and repeated exposure of GLP compliance and safety evaluation can be carried out, and evaluation reports in Chinese and English can be provided.
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Institutions engaged in testing the physical and chemical properties and health toxicological properties of new chemical substances shall comply with relevant laws and regulations and the requirements of relevant national competent departments. Among them, health toxicology testing institutions should be the following institutions that comply with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP):

1. An institution that has passed the certification and management of Good Practice for Non-clinical Drug Research of the State Drug Administration

2. A chemical toxicity appraisal institution that has passed the quality assessment of the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention

3. Pesticide registration test units announced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

4. Institutions that have passed the evaluation of good laboratory practice approved by China National Certification and Accreditation Administration

Toxicological test items of new chemical substances registration

● Acute toxicity test
    Acute oral toxicity test
    Acute percutaneous toxicity test
    Acute inhalation toxicity test
    Eye irritation test
    Skin irritation test
    Skin sensitization test
● Repeated toxicity test
    Subslow (acute) oral toxicity test (28 days)
    Subchronic (acute) percutaneous toxicity test (28 days)
    Subslow (acute) inhalation toxicity test
● Special toxicity test
    Mutagenicity test
    Teratogenicity test
● Metabolism and toxicokinetics test
    Metabolism and toxicokinetics test