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Study on pharmacokinetics in vitro
IPHASE has a professional technical team with rich experience. The company has advanced analytical and testing equipment, analytical laboratories that meet the requirements of GLP, and microbiological and cell laboratories that meet the P2 biosafety standards. It is dedicated to providing metabolic kinetic technical services for domestic and foreign biomedical and medical devices, and other production and development enterprises..
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Absorption: Caco-2 osmotic transmembrane transport test (Caco-2 drug transport test, P-gp drug transport test, BCRP drug transport test, OATs/OCTs/OATPs, etc.)
Distribution: protein binding rate (plasma/tissue/microsome) whole blood/plasma distribution test
Metabolism: metabolic stability (liver microsome stability test, S9 stability test, hepatocyte metabolic stability test, plasma and whole blood stability test)
Matrix stability: analysis and identification of metabolites in plasma, tissue and buffer fluid (speculation and confirmation of metabolites; speculation and confirmation of metabolic pathway)
Drug-drug interaction:
Cytochrome P450 (CYP) inhibition (IC50 and TDI)
P450 enzyme-induced enzyme phenotype analysis:
Phase I and II enzymes (recombinase and chemical inhibition)
Analysis of preparation properties: (formulation optimization, lipophilicity and solubility test)
In vitro toxicity: (Ames, Mini-Ames, chromosome aberration, TK gene mutation, etc.)
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