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IPHASE, a biopharmaceutical contract research and development institution located in both China and the United States, integrates the drug research and development technology service platforms in both China and the United States, and provides analytical chemistry, DMPK, pharmacological efficacy, biology, and toxicological safety evaluation services to global enterprises. Based on AAALAC, GLP and ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory certification, we are committed to providing one-stop drug early screening and research and development services. He has rich experience in the research of small molecule drugs, oligonucleotide drugs and small peptide drugs.
Medical Apparatus And Instruments
Relying on the fully equipped toxicological safety evaluation platform, analytical instrument platform and experienced technical team, IPHASE can provide customers with comprehensive technical services and compliance declaration services for mechanical biological performance based on AAALAC, GLP, metrological certification (CMA) and other certification qualifications. IPHASE service objects in the field of medical devices are mainly Class III medical devices, which are used for implantation, support and maintenance of life.
New Chemicals
Institutions engaged in testing the physical and chemical properties and health toxicological properties of new chemical substances shall comply with relevant laws and regulations and the requirements of relevant national competent departments.
In October 2019, IPHASE passed the NMPA approval and obtained the qualification of the cosmetics filing and registration inspection service agency, providing physical and chemical, microbiological and toxicological evaluation tests and other testing services for the cosmetics filing and registration.
New Food Ingredients
According to the needs, design a standard experimental scheme, use different ways of administration (oral, dermal, inhalation), carry out the safety evaluation of GLP compliance for single and repeated exposure, and provide the evaluation report in both Chinese and English
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