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Metabolomics research
Metabolomics is a newly developed discipline after genomics and proteomics. It is an important part of system biology. After that, it developed rapidly and penetrated into many fields, such as disease diagnosis, medical research and development, nutritional food science, toxicology, environmental science, botany and other fields closely related to human health care.
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IPHASE relies on advanced analysis and detection equipment and professional technical team, and uses many analysis methods such as MarkerView, Masterview, Metabianalyst, SIMCA-P to customize and complete customer needs
Non-targeted metabolomics
Using high-resolution LC-MS and GC-MS, the qualitative and quantitative information of metabolites in samples was obtained comprehensively and unbiased for bioinformatics analysis. For the target protein, the target peptide, the high selectivity, high specificity, high reproducibility and high accuracy detection.
Targeted metabolomics
Comprehensive coverage detection and analysis of specific metabolites or metabolic pathways, mainly including: amino acids and derivatives / lipids / organic acids / arachidonic acid / vitamins / bile acids / tryptophan and metabolites / TMO / neurotransmitters, etc.
Metabolic flow analysis
The isotopic peaks of multiple metabolites of the isotopically labeled metabolite substrates were detected and relatively quantified to analyze the flow direction of substrate in the metabolic pathways.