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Transcriptomics is a discipline that studies the gene transcription and transcription regulation in cells at the overall level, and studies the expression of genes at the RNA level. Transcriptome sequencing is to quickly and comprehensively obtain almost all transcripts and gene sequences of a particular specific cell or tissue in a certain state through the second-generation sequencing platform, which can be used to study gene expression, gene function, structure, alternative splicing and predict new transcripts and so on.
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IPHASE relies on advanced analysis and detection equipment and professional technical team, and uses many analysis methods such as MarkerView, Masterview, Metabianalyst, SIMCA-P to customize and complete customer needs
Eukaryotic transcriptome sequencing
Using the second-generation sequencing technology, obtain the sequence information of all mRNA of specific organs, tissues, cells, and analyze the mRNA structure and expression information.
Prokaryotic transcriptome sequencing
Using second-generation sequencing technology, we can study all mRNA transcribed from prokaryotes at a certain time or under certain environmental conditions.
Whole transcriptome sequencing
For the same sample, the total RNA, including: mRNA, LncRNA, CircRNA and miRNA, were analyzed separately and jointly, to explore the biological role of RNA molecules in the regulation mechanism, transcriptional regulation and other aspects.